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Chandler PSU1
Power Supply

Outboard Power Supply required for Chandler audio processors.

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Chandler LTD1
Mic Preamp /EQ

Somebody slip Paul Revere a mickey. Here's a British Invasion we welcome with open ears.This hand-wired 10-series equalizer and pre amp is handmade using parts and building techniques of the original manufacturer to give you a fat, round, warm vintage sound, with virtually every modern function…

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Chandler Limited Channel

Back in the day at Abbey Road, even the hardware had a spirit all its own.Designed to sound like a fine musical instrument instead of a modern surgical tool, the TGCHANNELMKII is a re-creation of several classic circuits using original Abbey Road design plans combining the TG2 pre amp with a super…

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Chandler LTD2
Mono Compressor

Get vintage British compression expanded to fit the new millennium's needs.This hand-wired beauty takes the best of legendary designerRupert Neve's classic 2254/2264/33609 family of compressors and adds some modern touches for maximum versatility. Chandler has painstakingly recreated the grounding,…

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Chandler TG1
Classic Limiter /Compressor

If you could record at any studio at any time in history, admit it - you'd want to record at Abbey Road in the late 60s/early 70s. Why? Because the best sounding records of all time were made there and then. Chandler recreates the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road…

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Chandler TG12413
Zener Limiter

Are we hallucinating, or is diamond-studded Lucy signaling from on high that the sky's no limit for the TG12413?Based on the vintage circuits used to record the Beatles and Pink Floyd, this newest EMI Limiter continues a great 50-year tradition, giving you classic limiting power as well as new…

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Pre Amp /DI

Hungry for a new sound?This newly designed preamp/DI uses classic Germanium transistors in all class A, transformer balanced circuits to give you an extensive sonic menu to create with. Running on +40 volt power, high current, with a huge +34 output before clipping, the GERMANIUM-PRE gives new…

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Chandler TG12345
Curve Bender EQ

A legendary EQ from the storied past of EMI and Abbey Road arrives in this century ready to meet today's audio challenges. Meticulously based on the original EMI TG12345 desk that helped bring recordings of The Beatles and Pink Floyd to life, this modern wonder boasts refinements to make it even…

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Germanium Compressor

The GERMANIUM Compressor for tracking, mixing and mastering boasts the same all class A amp found in the GERMANIUM Preamp and Tone Control and is transformer-balanced in and out. Its Compression circuit uses an FET gain reduction element with plenty of flexibilty. It also features a Wet/Dry mix…

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Stereo Link Cable For Germanium Compressor Matched Pair

Expand the horizons of your GERMANIUM COMP with this stereo link cable.

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Chandler LTD2-PAIR
Mastering Compressors (Pair)

With performance this superb, sometimes you can't just stop at one.The LTD2-PAIR offers the same six-position attack switch and warm, creamy sound as the single LTD2, but gives you even faster release times, 1 dB stepped gain make, and is specially matched for stereo. This hand-wired pair of…

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