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Barix RackMount
Rack Mount for Barix Audio Devices in a Standard 19'' Rack

The Barix Rack Mount is an accessory allowing the mounting of Barix audio devices into a standard 19-inch rack using one height unit. Supports up to four Barix 1/4 width audio devices: • Annuncicom 100 • Annuncicom 200 • Exstreamer• Exstreamer Store & Play• Exstreamer 200 • Instreamer 100…

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Barix Mounting Bracket
Mounting bracket for Exstreamer 100, Instreamer 100, Instreamer, andAnnuncicom 100

Mounting bracket for the Barix Exstreamer100, Instreamer, Instreamer100 and Annuncicom 100.

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Barix CableSet Audio
Cable Set For Exstreamer 100

The Barix Cable Set-Audio works with Barix Instreamer, Exstreamer 100/ 110, and Annuncicom 100 series. Barix Cable Set-Audio Features: • Serial cross-over cable: 9f/9f 1.5m • Earbud stereo: 3.5mm • RCA cable stereo: 1.5m white/red • RJ45 Ethernet cable: shielded 3m

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Barix CableSet
Breakout Cable For Exstreamer 500/1000 (2008.9089)

For use with Barix EXSTREAMER 500/1000.Contents: Y-Cable for Analog ( 9-pin D-sub Male connector to two 3-pin XLR Male and two 3-pin XLR Female connectors). Y-Cable for Digital (9-pin D-sub Male connector to one 3-pin XLR Male and one 3-pin XLR Female connectors). Extension cable (9-pin D-sub RS232…

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Stereo Phono Preamp

The ST-PH1 is a stereophonic phono preamplifier. Each of the two channel circuits is identical. The ST-PH1 has standard 47 kΩ impedance unbalanced phono cartridge inputs. Equalization follows the RIAA curve. Each output is capable of driving balanced or unbalanced, high or low impedance loads.…

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