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Dead Air Detector / Paging System

The DM Engineering Silence Sense Sr. consists of the Silence Sense Jr. integrated with the Pager-Dialer module. Not only will you be notified of silence sense conditions but there is another available alert port for any other condition you want to monitor. All that is needed is a contact closure.…

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DM Engineering RELAYPACK
Solid State Switcher

The Studio Solid State RELAYPACK is a switching interface for controlling 115VAC “ON AIR” or “RECORDING” lamps using N. O. contacts or a logic low, and/or low voltage DC control. It is designed to interface with the DM Engineering STUDIOSLAVE, but will perform with any N.O. contact closure or DC…

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DM Engineering MICPRO
Microphone On/Off Switching Module

The DM Engineering Mic-Pro On/Off LED-lighted switching module, when combined with the DM Engineering STUDIOSLAVE or Henry Engineering SUPERELAY controller, will give any low-cost production mixing board the microphone switching features of a professional broadcast console! High reliability LED…

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DM Engineering MICPRO2
Microphone On/Off Switching Module & 6 Ft Cable

This state-of-the-art, stand-alone microphone switching control makes low cost production mixing boards perform like expensive broadcast consoles.As many microphone channels as your production board has "Insert" jacks for can now be individually controlled by its own Mic-Pro 2. It is also ideal for…

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Relay Switching Device

The STUDIOSLAVE Auxiliary Relay Pack is a microprocessor based switching and control interface for broadcast studio and control rooms where multiple and various isolated outputs are required to operate from one or more control inputs. Input and output connectors are Eurostyle pluggable types, and…

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Detector System w/Relay Output

The DM Engineering Silence Sense Jr. is a microprocessor based system that accepts single ended audio with a user-adjustable input level control. It features adjustable silence detect time duration of from 5 seconds to 4 minutes (approx.), with switch selectable momentary or continuous relay…

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DM Engineering LP1822
RMT-RWT Automation Interface

The LP1822 interface module is a microprocessor based interface between your automation system and the Sage-Endec EAS encoder/decoder models SE1822 and the Digital model 3644. No external power is required. Normally open contacts or open collector inputs can now trigger both RWT and RMT functions…

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DM Engineering MS1822
Multi Station RWT Automation Interface

You can now automate the RWT function with no more missed tests and remove the worry about not being in conformance with the FCC rules. The DME Multi-station RWT Automation Interface Modules comprise a low cost microprocessor based system to remotely activate Required Weekly Tests between your…

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