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Rolls HR78X
Half Rack AM/FM Digital Tuner with XLR Inputs

The ROLLS HR78X is a PLL synthesized digital AM/FM tuner in a feature-packed half-rack chassis. The unit is ideal for replacing analog tuners, and where a small digital tuner is desired. The unit ships with FM and AM antennas, and the 1/8 output has sufficient levels to drive a pair of headphones.…

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Rolls RS81-B
Quartz PLL Synthesized AM/FM Tuner

The RS81B is a single rack space Phase Lock Loop digital AM/FM Tuner designed and built for professional applications such as remote radio station trucks and repeaters, church and school installations, as well as night clubs and restaurants. Remote has a 225mAh CR2032 lithium batteryMain Features:…

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Rolls VP29
Stereo Phono Preamp

The VP29 is a great low-priced turntable preamp, for connecting phono-level turntables with line-level equipment. Features: RCA inputs/outputs; convenient single stereo 1/4" TRS output; AC adaptor included in U.S. models.

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